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Helping You Deal With Short and Long-Term Financial Difficulties

When your debt has become too much to handle on your own, come and see our team of professionals. We can give you smart options that will help you move forward.

It’s time to get out of debt.


Helping You Through Any Financial Difficulties

At SCB, we’re here for you during every step of your financial journey. Here are just a few ways that we can help.

Debt Counselling

With guidance and support, you can find solutions to dealing with current debt and learn strategies for managing your finances in the future

Creditor Negotiations/ Consumer Proposals

Did you know that you can negotiate with your creditors? We can work with you to negotiate with creditors, formally and informally, to help solve your current debt situation

Personal Bankruptcy

When debts are insurmountable and you have no prospects for paying your creditors, personal bankruptcy may be your choice of last resort

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